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Rehabilitation of degraded land in Burkina Faso

Project name

Degraded land rehabilitation project


Bam Province

Local Partner Organisation

Youth Association for the Protection of the Environment and Livestock (AJPEE)


Bam province is one of the least watered areas of Burkina Faso. Soils are poor with low water retention capacity and heavily eroded. 70% of the total area is unsuitable for agricultural, forestry and livestock production and soil recovery remains a problem.

Development Objective

Long-term improvement of living conditions of beneficiary households has been achieved

Expected Outcomes

Small holder agriculture has been developed through:

  • promotion of techniques for water conservation and land rehabilitation
  • improved management of natural resources
  • vegetable production

The direct beneficiaries are the people of the target villages whose number is estimated at about 8 000 people. The beneficiaries are represented through Village Development Committees and women’s unions.


The total budget is set at € 350 000 for the period 2019 to 2023, so € 70 000 per year.


The projet is funded up to 80% by the Ministry of Foreign and Euopean Affairs and up to 1,5% by the beneficiaries. The remaining 18,5% have to be funded by CPS through donations.