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The statutes of the Foundation Chrëschte mam Sahel – Chrétiens pour le Sahel (CPS) were first published in the Mémorial, inventory of societies and associations C number 106 of April, 16th 1985 and amended for the last time in November 5th 2021.

Board of Directors
  • President: Marc Fischbach
  • Vice-president: Marcel Oberweis
  • Secretary: Pascale Fisch-Gend
  • Treasurer: Bernadette Reuter-Wagner
  • Members: Christine Dahm-Mathonet, Viviane Feltgen, Georges Fischer, Paul Goerens, Angela Lima De Pina, Claude Niedner, Michèle Ourth-Schaffner, Rudy Reuter, Jean-François Tousch

Board members are not paid. The Board meets as often as needed, in principle once a quarter. Decisions of the Board are taken by majority vote. The Board has delegated the daily management of CPS to a Committee for Organisation and Management (COG). The COG is currently composed of the Chairman of the Board and seven board members, all appointed by the Board and which have voting rights. Among these board members are the Vice President, the Treasurer and the Secretary of the Board. The role of the COG is to guarantee sound technical and financial management of CPS and to monitor all internal and external affairs. The COG normally meets once a month. Decisions are taken by a majority of members present.



Coordinator: Alain Lentz; Project manager: Brigitte Diederich; Fundraising, Sensibilisation/Development Education: Tom Ernst

Burkina Faso

Country representative: Bertran Kam; Secretary: Balkissou Bangagne; Driver: Abdoulaye Banem; Watchmen: Clément Sawadogo, Hamado Baguian

Memberships and Accreditations
  • Member of the Cercle des ONGD, umbrella organisation of the NGOs in Luxembourg
  • Certified by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg
  • Recognized institution of public utility
  • Registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies under number G131
  • Member of Don en Confiance Luxembourg a.s.b.l.
  • Signatory of the Charte du Bénévolat
  • Signatory of the Charte contre le harcèlement, l’exploitation et les abus sexuels