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Strengthening the resilience of smallholders in Burkina Faso


Project to strengthen the resilience of smallholders


Province of Houet

Local Partner Organisation

Organisation catholique pour le développement et la solidarité (OCADES) Bobo Dioulasso


The difficulties encountered by rural populations in improving their living conditions stem from the poor performance of agro-sylvo-pastoral production in the face of climatic hazards. In addition, access to drinking water is often difficult, and there are recurrent breakdowns in infrastructure, dysfunctional water user associations and a lack of artisan repairers. As far as sanitation is concerned, the main constraint is the lack of family and institutional latrines. There is also a lack of awareness of hygiene rules.

Development Objective

To reduce the effects of climate change on the most vulnerable populations in a sustainable way

Expected Outcomes
  • Agricultural production and productivity are improved through agricultural practices that respect the climate and water.
  • Access to basic social services is improved

The target group is made up of small farmers working in targeted sectors (rice, maize, tomatoes, onions, poultry, etc.), their organisations and their umbrella organisations. It also includes people benefiting from boreholes and family latrines, as well as water users’ associations and hygiene committees. The project will reach around 9,525 people through the entire technological package to be rolled out in the two intervention sectors. During implementation, the same person is likely to receive support 2 or even 3 times. In this way, we estimate that there will be more than 3,000 direct beneficiaries.


The total budget is set at € 1 820 000 million for the period 2024 to 2028.


The projet is funded up to 80% by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade and up to 1,5% by the beneficiaries. The remaining 18,5% have to be funded by CPS through donations.