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Support for education, water and sanitation in Burkina Faso
Project name

Project to support education, water and sanitation in the communes of Banfora and Tiéfora


Comoé Province

Local Partner Organisation

Organisation Catholique pour le Développement et la Solidarité (OCADES) Banfora


The gross enrolment rate in the communes of Banfora and Tiéfora is below the national average of 81.3% for primary education and 19.7% for secondary education. Several factors explain this situation, including poverty, lack of school infrastructure, distance between home and school, and gender discrimination. Access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right, but it is far from being guaranteed for everyone in the communes of Banfora and Tiéfora. On the one hand, access is limited by the lack of infrastructure coverage, the dilapidated state of existing infrastructure and the lack of awareness of good hygiene practices.

Development Objective

To sustainably improve access to basic social services (water, sanitation and education) for beneficiary households.

Expected Outcomes
  • Access to drinking water and full sanitation is improved
  • Access to quality education is ensured
  • Local governance is improved

The beneficiaries are the entire population of the 9 target villages, as well as pupils, teachers, parents, school management committees, water users’ associations and local authorities. They are estimated at around 13,000 people.


The total budget is set at € 1 800 000 for the period 2024 to 2028.


The projet is funded up to 80% by the Ministry of Foreign and Euopean Affairs, Defence, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade and up to 1,5% by the beneficiaries. The remaining 18,5% have to be funded by CPS through donations.