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Our foundation

Ferdy Fischer created the foundation Chrëschte mam Sahel – Chrétiens pour le Sahel (CPS) in 1984, when the Sahel and Burkina Faso were suffering from a terrible drought. Certified in 1986 by the government, CPS has become over the years a non-governmental organization with experience and professionalism for the following reasons: cooperation with experienced local partners, geographical and sectorial concentration, results based management.

Monitoring & Evaluation and Financial Audits

CPS attaches great importance to financial transparency and Monitoring & Evaluation of projects and programs. The projects and programs we support are subject to regular external audits and evaluations. Moreover we conduct supervision missions and we organize regular follow up meetings with our partners, in collaboration with our country office in Ouagadougou. Our financial statements are audited by an approved auditor according to national standards.


Our activities are funded by private donors/associations/companies and co-financed by the Government of Luxembourg. For some programs, the beneficiaries make a contribution between 1.5% and 3%. With your help and public funds, about € 1.7 million are invested on average each year in Burkina Faso.