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Thursday March 28th, 2013

Study tour to Burkina Faso

B.M. Kam, M. Fischbach, mission 2013

From January 12 to 20, 2013 Mr. Marc Fischbach, vice-president of the Fondation Chrëschte mam Sahel – Chrétiens pour le Sahel (CPS) and Mrs. Bernadette Reuter, treasurer, visited some of our projects and programmes in Burkina Faso at their own cost. They were accompanied by Mr. Edmond Simon and Mr. Alain Lentz, Coordinator and project manager at CPS in Luxembourg, and Mr. Bertran Magna Kam, country representative of CPS in Burkina Faso.

We can see in this picture, from left to right: Mr. Simon, Mr. Kam, Mr. Fischbach and Mr. Evarice Sanou, secretary of the OCADES in Bobo Dioulasso.

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